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British & Empire Heavyweight Champion
British Light-Heavyweight Champion

Caerdydd - Cardiff

Born: 2nd September 1911
Died: 1st November 1990

Fights: 40   Won  35   Lost  5   Draw  0

01/02/1937 Walter Neusel

L TKO 10

17/08/1936 Ben Foord


British & Empire Heavyweight Titles

23/04/1936 Jock McAvoy

W PTS 15

British & Empire Heavyweight Titles

29/01/1936 Len Harvey

W PTS 15

British & Empire Heavyweight Titles

25/06/1935 Walter Neusel

L TKO 10

04/02/1935 Walter Neusel

L TKO 11

17/12/1934 George Cook

W PTS 15

British & Empire Heavyweight Titles

10/09/1934 Larry Gains

W TKO 13

British Empire Heavyweight Title

04/06/1934 Len Harvey

W TKO 12

British & Empire Heavyweight Titles

08/03/1934 Ben Foord

W KO 13

Feb 1934 Harry Crossley W PTS 10
Feb 1934 Reggie Meen W KO 2
29/01/1934 Charlie Smith

W KO 1

30/11/1933 Len Harvey

L PTS 15

British Heavyweight Title

12/07/1933 Jack Doyle

W Disq 2

British Heavyweight Title

26/06/1933 George Cook

W PTS 15

16/05/1933 Heine Müller W KO 1
23/02/1933 Ernst Gühring

W PTS 12

26/01/1933 Jack Pettifer

W KO 12

British Heavyweight Title

02/01/1933 Hans Schönrath

W KO 9

12/07/1932 Reggie Meen

W KO 2

British Heavyweight Title

23/05/1932 Harry Crossley

W PTS 15

British Light-Heavyweight Title

02/05/1932 Tom Toner W Disq 5
01/03/1932 Charlie Smith

W KO 15

22/02/1932 George Slack W KO 5
03/02/1932 Dick Power

W KO 1

Welsh Heavyweight Title

11/01/1932 Jack Newitt W KO 1
21/12/ 1931 Gunner Bennett W PTS 10
14/12/1931 Leo Bandias W PTS 12
07/12/1931 George Brown W PTS 6
23/11/1931 Jack Stratton W PTS 6
16/11/1931 Tom Wailes W TKO 1
13/11/1931 Ted Mason W KO 2
13/11/1931 Joe Mullins W KO 2
09/11/1931 George Brown W PTS 6
02/11/1931 George Porter W PTS 6
26/10/1931 Jeff Wilson W Ret 4
19/10/1931 Jim Campbell W KO 1
12/10/1931 Alf Noble W KO 1
28/09/1931 Bill Partridge

W KO 4

Image & fight record of Jack Peterson supplied by Paul Lewis
Source of fight record:
Gentleman of the Ring by Bob Lonkhurst  ISBN 009540271-0-8

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