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20 Boxing questions to test you

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1) Who did Ricky Hatton beat to win his first world title ?

2) Who was known as 'The Acorn' ?

3) Who threw his Olympic gold medal in the river ?

4) In which round did Roberto Duran say 'No Mas' to Sugar Ray Leonard ?

5) Who is the youngest ever winner of a World title ?

6) What is the weight of a Super Bantamweight ?

7) What year did Cassius Clay beat Sonny Liston ?

8) Who is the only World heavyweight champion to retire undefeated ??

9) Which punch was Henry Cooper's ' Enery's Hammer' ?

10) Who was the first Welshman to win the Commonwealth bantamweight title ?.

11) How many fights did Jack Johnson have ?

12) Who was the first fighter to beat Ali ?

13) Who disqualified Bob Fitzsimmons (v Tom Sharkey) ?

14) How many world titles did Henry Armstrong hold at the same time?

15) Who trained Ken Norton and Joe Frazier to beat Ali ?

16) Who did Barry McGuigan defeat to take the World featherweight title ?.

17) Who took Ken Buchanan's World lightweight title ?

18) Which British boxer lost his World middleweight title to Marvin Hagler ?

19) What year was the 'Rumble in the Jungle' ?

20) What was Sugar Ray Robinson's real name ?

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